2021-01-09: Vaccination centers set up in 18 districts of Hong Kong. Vaccination plans to start next month.

January 9, 2021

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The first 2 million doses of vaccines from Fosun BioNTech and Kexing are expected to arrive in Hong Kong as soon as next month. Based on 2 doses per person, it can be used by 1 million people. The government plans to set up at least one community vaccination center in 18 districts. It also plans to send outbound injection teams to serve the elderly. The authorities will meet with medical groups today or discuss inviting private doctors to participate in the vaccination plan. The Medical Association expects 1,000 private doctors to assist in vaccination.

CoVid19 Vaccine
CoVid19 Vaccine

Zeng Haohui, a member of the government vaccination plan task force, said that Fosun BioNTech and Kexing vaccine each have 1 million doses and are expected to arrive in Hong Kong early or before next month, and the preparations are expected to be completed by the end of this month. As for AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, it is expected Arrive in Hong Kong between June and July.

Xu Deyi, deputy director of the Food and Health Bureau, pointed out that all three vaccines have their own characteristics. Among them, Fosun BioNTech requires a higher specification. The government believes that the injection at the vaccination center can be centralized to avoid confusion. Zeng Haohui said that the government intends to implement it in community vaccination centers, private hospitals and homes for the elderly. It hopes to set up at least one community vaccination center in all 18 districts, and the arrangements are complicated, including crowd control, medical staff, refrigerators, and backup power sources. , First aid facilities, etc., or arrange outreach injection teams to serve the elderly.

The Food and Health Bureau has a meeting with medical groups today

The Phase 3 clinical report of Kexing Vaccine will be released soon. Zeng Haohui said that the expert group will meet later to study the safety, effectiveness and quality of the introduced vaccine. After considering all scientific data, it will recommend to the government which vaccine is available Emergency use. As for how long the two doses should be vaccinated, it has been pointed out that Fosun BioNTech recommends 3 weeks apart, while Kexing recommends about 4 weeks apart. As for overseas claims that the second dose can be postponed, he said that because of the serious epidemic in foreign countries, he hopes that the first dose can be given to more people, and the second dose depends on the supply. The situation may not be in line with Hong Kong.

The Food and Health Bureau will meet with a number of medical organizations today. The President of the Medical Association, Cai Jian, pointed out that about 1,000 private doctors in Hong Kong can assist in vaccination and urge the authorities to provide a leaflet clearly explaining the side effects of the vaccine and the responsibilities of doctors. Yang Chaofa, president of the Western Medicine Union, asked the government to include a doctor’s exemption clause in the vaccination consent form.

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