2021-6-18 Good news for Hong Kong people! ! ! Hong Kong and Macau intend to introduce customs clearance

June 18, 2021

Macau Government: Customs clearance with be considered after Hong Kong has non local cases for 14 consecutive days. Citizen who have been injected are exempt from quarantine. Reprinted from BUSPRO.

Hong Kong’s new crown pneumonia epidemic has slowed down, and some experts believe that it will soon be possible to discuss customs clearance with the Mainland and Macau. The Macau government held a press conference today (17th), stating that if there are no local cases in Hong Kong for 14 consecutive days, it will be able to proceed with the next detailed consultation. Some Macau media quoted local officials as saying that the options that can be considered include shortening the number of days of quarantine or exempting people from both sides who have been vaccinated.

On the other hand, Bloomberg News quoted unnamed news that the Hong Kong government will once again allow immigrants who have completed vaccinations to shorten the quarantine period. By then, those who come to Hong Kong from most places will be able to shorten the quarantine as long as the antibody is positive. Period up to 7 days. However, the implementation time of the plan has not yet been determined.

Regarding the customs clearance arrangements between Macau and Hong Kong, although Hong Kong has not had a local case for 10 consecutive days, the immigration measures between Hong Kong and Macau must be liberalized. The premise is that there is no local case for 14 consecutive days before we can proceed to the next step in detail. Consultation. The Contingency Coordination Center emphasized that even if there is an opportunity to restrict entry and exit measures in the future, it must be carried out in a gradual manner. Implementation conditions and restrictions on the number of people need to be discussed again. No final decision has been made yet.

“Macau Daily” quoted Liang Yihao, the coordinator of the Department of Infectious Disease Control and Disease Surveillance, as saying that in terms of customs clearance, it will consider options such as shortening the number of quarantine medical observation days for people who have been vaccinated by Hong Kong and Macao, or exempting quarantine medical observation, but emphasizes Both need to be discussed in detail, and the approval of the governments of the two places is required before they can be implemented.

On the other hand, Bloomberg News today quoted an unnamed report saying that the Hong Kong government will once again allow immigrants who have completed vaccination to shorten the quarantine period. According to the report, visitors arriving in Hong Kong from most places can shorten the quarantine period to 7 days as long as they test positive for antibodies. The government is studying different methods of antibody testing, including “finger.” According to the report, the source said that when the plan can actually be implemented has not yet been decided, depending on when the antibody test can be implemented. However, people from high-risk areas are not eligible for this relaxation of quarantine.

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