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Minibus & Big bus Buspro Bus Services Co. is a leading provider of bus rental and tour services in Hong Kong. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers, Buspro Bus Services Co. offers safe and reliable transportation solutions for both private and corporate clients. .

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Buses Outlook


HKD$ Kowloon HK Island North HK Island South N.T. East N.T. West
N.T. North Airport/
Tung Chung
Kowloon $870 $970 $1070 $970 $970 $1020 $1070
HK Island North $970 $1020 $1020 $1070 $1070 $1070 $1120
HK Island South $1070 $1120 $1020 $1070 $1070 $1070 $1170
N.T. East$920 $1070 $1070 $1070 $920 $1070 $1170
N.T. West $1020 $1070 $1070 $1020 $970 $970 $1170
N.T. North $1020 $1070 $1120 $1020 $1020 $970 $1170
Tung Chung
$1070 $1120 $1170 $1070 $1170 $1000 $1000

–Minibus Charter Services:HKD$1380 for basic 3 hours charter, Plus hkd$400/hours

Above price is for reference ONLY, Further info please contact us.

updated 2024-1-7
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coach bus1
Bus inside
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Bus’s Compartment

Bus / Coach

HKD$ Kowloon HK Island North HK Island South N.T. East N.T. West
N.T. North Airport/
Tung Chung
Kowloon $970 $1070 $1120 $1120 $1120 $1120 $1320
HK Island North $1070 $1020 $1120 $1120 $1120 $1120 $1320
HK Island South $1070 $1120 $1120 $1120 $1120 $1220 $1320
N.T. East $1070 $1120 $1120 $1070 $1120 $1120 $1320
N.T. West $1070 $1120 $1170 $1120 $1170 $1120 $1320
N.T. North $1090 $1150 $1170 $1070 $1170 $1070 $1320
Tung Chung
$1270 $1320 $1320 $1320 $1320 $1320 $1270

–Big bus Charter Services:HKD$1500 for basic 3 hours charter , Plus hkd$500/hours

Above price is for reference ONLY, Further info please contact us.

Updated 2024-1-7
park joinnipark joinni
03:25 06 Nov 18
I rent a coach from Hong Kong airport to Tsim Sha Tsui last week, the driver is really kind and polite, he also help us handling the luggage,very helpful!! Give them 100 marks!!
elsa paekelsa paek
03:37 05 Nov 18
I am from USA , this charter bus company has a outstanding reputation
lho ihilho ihi
04:05 18 Oct 18
Buspro reputation is really really good in their industry!!!!!!
gfdf fhgfdf fh
03:47 18 Oct 18
BusPro is a professional charter bus company, i always use their services when we get in hong kong
man kwokman kwok
13:44 04 Sep 18
Service is in high quality and the price is cheap, love BUSPRO


The general tour bus company's pricing is based on the size of the car, the 1. number of hours renting, 2.the distance, 3.the departure time (Such as the early morning departure or work-on and work-off hours, the price will be adjusted), the most important is the off-season and peak season, Pricing will be different, the range of price will tide 50%-100% of the in usual, so customers need to ask clearly.
BUSPRO also tells the truth, customers should ((Shop Around FIRST)) before making any decision, be a smart consumer. The off-season is usually around the Lunar New Year, while the peak season is from September to December. If you plan to hold the wedding between September and December, please make a reservation a month earlier in advance.
Based on 20-28 seats, BUSPRO starts at approximately HKD$300 per hour, and buses with more than 49 seats start at approximately HKD$380 per hour. For example, a wedding bus rental, such as a minibus, will be calculated from 3 hours renting. Some companies use an 8-hour package a day. However, pay attention to the additional fee system of each company. The initial pricing generally does not include Bridge tolls, tunnel tolls and parking fees, so you must ask clearly, general coach companies may add extra charges according to the itinerary provided by you, such as the Western Harbour Crossing HKD$140, Tai Lam Tunnel HKD$145 and so on. Under normal circumstances, BUSPRO will cover the basic tunnel tolls such as the Red Cross and Lions Tunnel, so don’t worry, guests generally enjoy an early or 15-minute waiting service, but if you need to wait for more than half an hour, we will charge every The hours range from HKD$200-$500.

It's actually very simple!
1. Process rules
You need to [Consider the activity rules]
a. Date
b. Time
c. Number of people and
d. Destination
2) You can choose four different ways to ask us for a quotation.
– Fill in the information to the inquiry form on the web page
– Request a quote by email or FAX:24758615 info@buspro.com.hk
– Call the reservation hotline directly: 24764144
– For quotation inquiries, please Whatsapp to 96295409, there will be someone to provide a quotation
3). The company will "provide a quotation" within one day based on the information provided by you.
4). When you confirm your intention, you need to deposit 50% of the total amount to confirm the car rental.
For institutional customers, they need to stamp and sign on the quotation to "really use the car", (for payment methods, please refer to (contact us))
5) One week before departure, we will arrange a fleet for you, and one to two days before departure, we will notify you by fax, telephone, email or mobile phone (license plate/driver information/contact number)
6). The balance can be transferred to the driver when the payment is received, and the receipt will be handed to the receipt. If the organization receives the invoice, please send the check back to our address (24/F, Phase 2, Superluck Industrial Center, 57 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, J7 Room

Road accidents on coaches happen occasionally. Before deciding to rent a car, you must confirm that the company has insurance. According to the "Road Traffic Ordinance", non-franchised buses that provide employee services must have a valid passenger service license certificate and an employee service endorsement (A04). If a tour bus operator provides services without receiving an employee service endorsement, it may violate the Public Bus Services Ordinance and be fined up to HKD$100,000. Passengers injured in an accident may not be compensated by insurance. Ideally, the coach company purchases full car insurance for all vehicles to ensure safety, and third-party liability insurance can also provide maximum protection for the personal safety of drivers and passengers.

When the Hong Kong Observatory issues a typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or a black rainstorm warning, BUSPRO recommends that you take safety as your first consideration. If you need to continue your journey, we will also appropriately cooperate with all customers. Get the corresponding insurance protection during the trip. If you have any questions, please call 24764144 immediately, (office hours 7:00 – 22:00 for inquiries), general customers can reschedule, if you need a refund, you must consider the actual situation.

In addition to the tourist bus service in Hong Kong, BUSPRO provides a cross-border tourist bus transfer service, which can arrange for you to go directly to and from major cities and towns in Guangdong Province, China from various urban areas or airports in Hong Kong. For the choice of 7-passenger cross-border bus and 49-seater cross-border bus, further inquiry is required for the price.