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As a bus rental company in Hong Kong, you might be interested in the transportation services available at the Hong Kong International Airport. The airport offers a wide variety of public transport services to and from the airport, including the Airport Express, public buses, taxis, and transport for special needs 

The quickest way to and from the city is the Airport Express. It is a fast and convenient train service that connects the airport to the city center in just 24 minutes 

Public buses are another option for those looking for a relatively inexpensive transport option. Hong Kong International Airport is well served by public bus routes, and the buses provide a convenient way to travel to and from the airport 

Taxis are a flexible way to reach your destination. They are available at the taxi station located outside the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 1

Transport for group like us: BusPro is also available at the airport. The service provides transportation with guidance for passengers. No matter how many people or luggage you are. BusPro will surely delivery its best services to you in order to provide a comfortable and memorious joruney in your life.

In conclusion, the Hong Kong International Airport offers a range of transportation options to suit the needs of all travelers. Whether you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to get to the city center or a more affordable option, there is something for everyone:

General Exchange rate:

Hong Kong Dollar $1.00 (HKD)A-Z Countries order
HKD$1:EUR 0.12
HKD$1:IDU Rp2029.78
HKD$1 :JPY ¥19.36
HKD$1 :MYR RM0.60
HKD$1 :PHP 7.22
HKD$1 :RUB  ₽11.80
HKD$1:SGD S$0.17
HKD$1:THB  ฿4.67
HKD$1:TWD NT$4.10
HKD$1:TRY 4.08
HKD$1:USD  $0.127
HKD$1:VND 3189.08
HKD$1:WON 172.51
General Currency exchange rate

Comparison with 4 ways of HKG airport transports.


Transport Feature Est. Cost CapacityPayment MethodPoint to PointConvenienceScam
1.Airport ExpressTravel between the airport and Central in just 30 minutes on the Airport Express. Trains depart at approximately 15 minutes intervals from 05:54 to 00:48 daily. 1.Kowloon
(Tsim Sha Tsui West):

2.Hong Kong

EST. 62
/Single Carrier
A. Contactless Payment
i. MasterCard
ii. Union Pay
iii. Visa
iv. JCB Credit Card
v. American Express
vi. Discover / Diners Club
*vii. Octopus Card (Highly for commended for your travel priority)

B. Moblie Payment
i. Apply Pay
ii. Google Pay (Android)
iii Samsung Pay

C. QR code payment
i. Alipay HK EasyGo
ii. Alipay Transit QRcode
iii. UnionPay Transit Code
iv. BoC Pay Transit Code
v. WeChat Pay HK
vi. Wiexin Pay

D. Tourist Day Pass QRcode
(Detail please check HERE)

2.Public BusHong Kong International Airport is well served by public bus routes. The buses provide a convenient but relatively inexpensive transport option.
Check HERE for the pickup point

1. Kowloon(Tsim Sha Tsui)
i. A20 HKD$34.6/person

2. Hong Kong Island (Wan Chai)
ii. A11

-Est. 60-120
with 1 L Package &1 Hand-carry for each person
A. Contactless Payment
i. MasterCard
ii. Union Pay
iii. Visa
iv. JCB Credit Card
v. American Express
vi. Discover / Diners Club
*vii. Octopus Card (Highly for commended for your travel priority)

B. Moblie Payment
i. Apply Pay
ii. Google Pay (Android)
iii Samsung Pay

C. QR code payment
i. Alipay HK EasyGo
ii. Alipay Transit QRcode
iii. UnionPay Transit Code
iv. BoC Pay Transit Code
v. WeChat Pay HK
vi. Wiexin Pay
3.TaxiTaxis offer a door to door service to and from Hong Kong International Airport. Arriving passengers can catch a taxi at the Taxi Station, located near the left-hand ramp outside the Arrivals Hall.
Hong Kong taxis are colour-coded according to their operating areas. Separate rows are designated for different taxi types:
Urban taxis (red) operate in most areas in Hong Kong (except partial of Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau).
New Territories taxis (green) mainly operate in the north-eastern part (i.e. north of Sha Tin) and north-western part (i.e. north of Tsuen Wan) of the New Territories.
Lantau taxis (blue) operate only on Lantau Island and Chek Lap Kok.
All taxis are allowed to provide services at the passenger terminals of Hong Kong International Airport
1.HKG Airport To Hong Kong Island(Central)

2. HKG Airport To Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui)
1-3 people
Max: 4 L. Package
+ 4
Cash ONLYYesYesMedium
4.Bus RentalBus rental is generally for group of people: 7ppl or above. With the luggage compartment, inexpensive & point to point service. its a perfect
choose for family or group trip planner.
a. HKG Airport To Hong Kong Island(Central)

ii.. Coach X 1p

b. HKG Airport To Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui)


ii. CoachvX 1p

7-14ppl with MAX
14 L Package
14 Hand-carry

7-49ppl with MAX
49 L Package
49 Hand-carry
Prepaid method:
i. Visa
ii. Master
iii. PayPal
iv. FTP (Fast Payment system)
v. Payme

Transport TypeFeatureEst Cost CapacityPayment MethodPoint to PointConvenienceScam
Comparison between 4 major airport transfers way (updated 2024 APRIL 6)

Here are 10 things you can do in Hong Kong with Buspro Bus Rental Co. HK:

  1. Visit Victoria Peak: Take a scenic ride to the top of Victoria Peak and enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline.
Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak

2.Explore the Big Buddha: Take a bus ride to the Big Buddha statue on Lantau Island and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

 Big Buddha

3.Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History: Learn about the history of Hong Kong and its people at this fascinating museum.

 Hong Kong Museum of History
Hong Kong Museum of History

4.Take a stroll through the Hong Kong Park: Enjoy the beautiful gardens, water features, and aviary at this peaceful park.

Hong Kong central Park
Hong Kong central Park

5.Visit the Hong Kong Disneyland: Experience the magic of Disney at this popular theme park.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland

6.Take a food tour of Hong Kong: Sample the delicious cuisine of Hong Kong on a guided food tour.

 food tour of Hong Kong:

7. Visit the Hong Kong Science Museum: Explore the wonders of science and technology at this interactive museum.

Hong Kong Science Museum
Hong Kong Science Museum

8.Take a boat ride to the Fishing Village: Experience the traditional way of life of the fishermen in Hong Kong.

 Tai o Fishing Village
Tai O Fishing Village

9. Visit the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens: See a variety of animals and plants at this beautiful garden.

10.Take a bus tour of the city: Sit back, relax, and enjoy a guided tour of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Tour of the city:
Tour of the city:
Bus / Coach

HK Airport
(HKD$) /
HK Island North
HK Island South N.T. East N.T. West N.T. North Tung Chung
Mini Bus<14PPL&14luggages $1050 $1100 $1100 $1080 $1080 $1080 $1000
Large Bus<40PPL&40Luggages $1200 $1250 $1250 $1200 $1200 $1200 $1100
Picking up(One Way) Price list – Its for Reference ONLY. More detail please click HERE. updated 2024-1-7



The general tour bus company's pricing is based on the size of the car, the 1. number of hours renting, 2.the distance, 3.the departure time (Such as the early morning departure or work-on and work-off hours, the price will be adjusted), the most important is the off-season and peak season, Pricing will be different, the range of price will tide 50%-100% of the in usual, so customers need to ask clearly.
BUSPRO also tells the truth, customers should ((Shop Around FIRST)) before making any decision, be a smart consumer.
Based on 20-28 seats, BUSPRO starts at approximately HKD$300 per hour, and buses with more than 49 seats start at approximately HKD$380 per hour. For example, a wedding bus rental, such as a minibus, will be calculated from 3 hours renting. Some companies use an 8-hour package a day. However, pay attention to the additional fee system of each company. The initial pricing generally does not include Bridge tolls, tunnel tolls and parking fees, so you must ask clearly, general coach companies may add extra charges according to the itinerary provided by you, such as the Western Harbour Crossing HKD$140, Tai Lam Tunnel HKD$145 and so on. Under normal circumstances, BUSPRO will cover the basic tunnel tolls such as the Red Cross and Lions Tunnel, so don’t worry, guests generally enjoy an early or 15-minute waiting service, but if you need to wait for more than half an hour, we will charge every The hours range from HKD$200-$500.

It's actually very simple!
1. Process rules
You need to [Consider the activity rules]
a. Date
b. Time
c. Number of people and
d. Destination
2) You can choose 3 different ways to ask us for a quotation.
– Fill in the information to the inquiry form on the web page
– Call the reservation hotline directly: 852 24764144
– For quotation inquiries, please Whatsapp to 96295409, there will be someone to provide a quotation
3). The company will "provide a quotation" within one day based on the information provided by you.
4). When you confirm your intention, you need to fully pay the amount to confirm the bus rental. (We also have a refund procedure if your flight is accidently changed or cancelled
For institutional customers, they need to stamp and sign on the quotation to "really use the bus", (for payment methods, please refer to (contact us))

If unfortunately your flight is changed or cancelled. The Refund term is as below:
-if your cancelled request is earlier than 14 days, 100% refund
-if your cancelled request is earlier than 10 days, 75% refund
-if your cancelled request is earlier than 7 days, 50% refund
-if your cancelled request is earlier than 4 days, 40% refund
-if your cancelled request is later than 48 hours, 20% refund
-if your cancelled request is later than 24 hours, 0% refund

Its usual about arrival delay, in general, we will ususally wait for 2hour when your flight is arrival in HKG airport. However if your flight is delayed over 2 hours, we will charge you USD$45 / HKD$450. if your flight is later than 3 hour (Counted from your flight is landed), We are sorry to acknowledge you that we might possibly cancel the services without any refund. So please note.

In addition to the tourist bus service in Hong Kong, BUSPRO provides a cross-border tourist bus transfer service, which can arrange for you to go directly to and from major cities and towns in Guangdong Province, China from various urban areas or airports in Hong Kong. For the choice of 7-passenger cross-border bus and 49-seater cross-border bus, further inquiry is required for the price.