School Bus Services

Our aim is to provide safety bus service for the students to ride from the pick up point to school and back home. Each school bus route is design to fulfill the school schedule as well as minimize all travel time and the most convenient pick up point for all students.

Please Note!! We only provide MONTHLY RENTAL SERVICE, including Picking UP & Dropping off Services only, with or without a nanny in bus, annex a constant period contract (Usually a year) definably, we need to acquire yours consentience. So frankly, more student is more cheaper for our services.

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We provide school pick-up and drop-off services in Hong Kong. We plan the routes that will ensure students get to and from school quickly and safely, and we also help manage the day-to-day running of our school transport assistance options.    


We also provide private shuttle bus hiring service for private group events or functions, either one occasion or regular basis shuttle bus hiring are welcome. We can meet your requirements


We also provide contract bus service for employees pick-up from designated locations (i.e. nearby MTR stations) to companies or workplaces.  We work with our clients to plan their bus routes. 

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