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Our aim is to provide safety bus service for the students to ride from the pick up point to school and back home.

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We only provide MONTHLY RENTAL SERVICE (not per capita), including Picking UP & Dropping off Services only, with or without a nanny in bus, annex a constant period contract (Usually a year) definably, we need to acquire yours consentience. So frankly, more student is more cheaper for our services.

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We provide school pick-up and drop-off services in Hong Kong. We plan the routes that will ensure students get to and from school quickly and safely, and we also help manage the day-to-day running of our school transport assistance options.    


We also provide private shuttle bus hiring service for private group events or functions, either one occasion or regular basis shuttle bus hiring are welcome. We can meet your requirements


We also provide contract school bus service for employees pick-up from designated locations (i.e. nearby MTR stations) to companies or workplaces.  We work with our clients to plan their bus routes. 


What is a monthly private school bus rental? First of all, our fleet has
1. An endorsement of legal school children’s pick-up service.
2. All vehicles have legal insurance
3. All vehicles are equipped with seat belts
Our fleet is mainly divided into 19-seater private minibuses, 27-seater medium-sized buses and 65-seater large buses. We usually provide leases for 6 months to 1 year. For example, for children under elementary school, the law requires that each school bus requires a nanny and vehicle. Because our school bus has a larger number of people, that is, a 19-seater private minibus with a capacity of 16-26 students, the monthly fare will be more favorable, otherwise the smaller the number of people, the more expensive the fare.
Therefore, the company recommends that parents, when considering whether to rent a school bus on a monthly basis, first organize children in the same school, with about 16 children or more, before considering renting the company’s school bus on a monthly basis.

I believe this is the issue that parents are most concerned about. Our monthly school bus rental is based on
a. Daily car usage days * Actual school days each month. That is to say, the actual day of the car used in each month shall be subject to the prepaid fare. For example, there are 16 days of class in February. Then it only counts from 16 days. If classes are suspended due to the epidemic, weather, etc., we will adjust the fare or refund according to the actual situation at the time
b. The daily car rental is about $1200-$3000 (Daily!), including the cost of babysitting and pick-up & drop-off service. Therefore, we do not recommend that the number of people chartered is too small.

There are occasional road accidents on the tourist bus. Before deciding to rent a car, you must confirm that the company has insurance. According to the “Road Traffic Regulations”, non-franchised buses that provide school child services must have a valid passenger service license certificate and an endorsement of school child services (A03). If the tour bus operator does not have the endorsement of school children’s service but provides services, it may violate the “Public Bus Services Ordinance” and be fined up to HKD$100,000. Passengers injured in the accident may not be eligible for insurance compensation. Ideally, the coach company purchases full car insurance for all vehicles to ensure safety, and third-party liability insurance can also provide maximum protection for the personal safety of drivers and passengers.

Except for Hong Kong’s coach services, BUSPRO is temporarily unable to provide cross-border coach transfer services. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.