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Lantau Island, Tai O, Mui Wo, Tian Tan Buddha Day Tour, Bus rental & chartered Bus transfer, now available for booking on Saturday and Sunday!!!

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Lantau Island is located to the southwest of Hong Kong Island and is the largest island in Hong Kong. Because Lantau Island is far away from the city, it has become a good place for Hong Kong people to spend their holidays and leisure.

Guests can travel on the bus of BUSPRO, overlooking the large green trees and the continuous mountains, which is refreshing and refreshing. Looking far ahead.

Guests can choose to visit Ngong Ping Market. The houses in the city center were built in the style of ancient architecture. Walking in the city center, various antique buildings give people a peaceful and far-reaching atmosphere, which makes people happy and forget to return.

Arrived at the coveted Big Buddha. The big Buddha’s eyebrows are like the first moon, with a kind face and a smile, which makes people feel amiable. The food in the Po Lin Monastery is fragrant and mouth-watering. Moreover, there are thirty-seven Buddha rosewood pillars with the 268-character of Buddha verses, which is breathtaking.

Guests can also choose to take a tour bus provided by BUSPRO to visit Tai O, an oriental Venice full of customs and customs, where there are many shacks built with wood, and there are also many seafood products, which are dazzling and countless. You can also take a boat to shuttle through the streets and alleys, and you can also deeply feel the fishing village of Tai O. Tai O is truly the “Venice of the Orient.”

Book a day trip to Lantau Island by BUSPRO, everything starts from the heart!!!

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