2021-06-06: Dragon Boat Festival

June 6, 2021

History and Introduction about Dragon Boat Festival by BusPro

What is the Dragon Boat Festival? The Tuen Ng Festival or Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday that falls on different dates each year depending on the lunar calendar. In China, it is a 3-day national holiday, but it is one-day public holiday in Hong Kong.

Racing these long boats on Tuen Ng Festival is an old tradition. In the past, mainly fishermen competed.

What is a Dragon Boat? These long canoes mimic the old war canoes of the past. The crews paddle to the beat of a drummer. Various heats and competitions are held around the region, and canoes vary in size from 20 to 80 people.

2021-5-26: Local Cruise tour resumed

May 26, 2021

“Cruise-to-nowhere” itineraries can resume under set of health control protocols from end-July. extracted from Hong Kong Government Press Release.


The Government announced today (May 26) that cruise lines are expected to resume, for Hong Kong residents, “cruise-to-nowhere” (CTN) itineraries, which do not involve ports outside Hong Kong, at end-July 2021 the earliest on the condition that they strictly comply with a set of health precautionary measures specifically designed for cruise travel.

     “With the stabilising COVID-19 epidemic situation in Hong Kong since mid-February this year, the public, the cruise trade and the tourism industry have strong aspirations for the gradual resumption of cruise travel which has been suspended for more than 15 months since February last year. The resumption of CTN itineraries under prudent health precautionary measures can strike a proper balance between public health protection on the one hand, and the public aspirations for some form of leisure travel on the other. CTN itineraries underpinned by health control safeguards will offer an additional safe vacation option for the community as from the coming summer,” the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Edward Yau, said.

     The health precautionary measures, which have been worked out in consultation with relevant bureaux and departments (B/Ds) as well as the cruise trade, include:

(a) all incoming crew members are required to comply with the prevailing quarantine and testing requirements for travellers entering Hong Kong (see Note 1);  

(b) all crew members must be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines recognised by health authorities before commencement of a cruise journey, except for those not suitable to do so with valid medical proof. Non-local crew members who have not been vaccinated prior to entry into Hong Kong may receive vaccinations for free in Hong Kong, and they have to be fully vaccinated before they can serve on a cruise journey. Cruise lines will strictly implement the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for crew members;

(c) all fully vaccinated crew members are still required to undergo a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) nucleic acid test shoreside and obtain a negative result every 14 days. Meanwhile, crew members who are not suitable for vaccination due to medical grounds must undergo every seven days a COVID-19 PCR nucleic acid test shoreside and obtain a negative result, as well as undergo every three days testing at on-board facilities and obtain a negative result;

(d) all passengers must be fully vaccinated (see Note 2), except for those not suitable to do so with medical proof or aged below 16, before commencement of a cruise journey;

(e) all passengers have to undergo a COVID-19 PCR nucleic acid test within 48 hours prior to boarding and obtain a negative result;

(f) cruise lines are required to adopt a maximum 50 per cent passenger capacity on a cruise ship, comply with the respective sets of hygiene, social distancing and contact tracing measures for various similar premises and facilities in force under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F), and promulgate contact tracing mechanism for journeys; and

(g) passengers are required to use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application to scan the QR code of the cruise ship before boarding. After boarding, they must also follow the social distancing and contact tracing mechanism executed by the cruise lines.

     There will be a robust contingency management mechanism catering for fluctuations of the local epidemic situation. In the event that there is a suspected case on board during a cruise journey, the journey will be suspended at once and the cruise ship will return to the cruise terminal in Hong Kong. Relevant B/Ds will invoke contingency management measures based on an epidemiological investigation and laboratory findings, having regard to the circumstances of the case and relevant health guidelines. Such measures may include requiring the concerned passengers and crew members to undergo testing, medical surveillance and/or quarantine. 

     “Given the nature of a cruise operation, considerable lead time is required for cruise lines to prepare for resumption of CTN itineraries. The announcement today enables the tourism industry, in particular cruise lines, to make preparations for the resumption immediately by arranging their cruise ships and crew members to come to Hong Kong. In fact, cruise lines interested in resuming CTN itineraries have already indicated that they will arrange crew members suitable for vaccination or those already vaccinated to serve in Hong Kong to the extent possible. Hong Kong residents who have yet to be vaccinated may wish to do so as soon as possible in order that they may join CTN itineraries. The relevant B/Ds will, in the meantime, continue to work in tandem with the cruise lines in the coming few weeks on the detailed execution plan and on-board inspections,” Mr Yau said.

     Relevant further information will also be uploaded to Tourism Commission’s website before CTN itineraries resume.

Note 1: Such requirements include those under the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation (Cap. 599C), the Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation (Cap. 599E) and the Prevention and Control of Disease (Regulation of Cross-boundary Conveyances and Travellers) Regulation (Cap. 599H) where applicable.

Note 2: For both the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine (CoronaVac vaccine) and Fosun Pharma/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (Comirnaty vaccine), “fully vaccinated” in general means having received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine 14 clear days ago.
 Ends/Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Issued at HKT 12:10

2021-05-08: Buddha Birthday

May 8, 2021

BUSPRO wishes all good luck

Buddha Birthday

2021-04-13:Coronavirus: Hong Kong residents will be allowed to dine out in larger groups, access travel privileges under ‘vaccination bubble’ incentives aimed at boosting jabs rate,

April 13, 2021
  • Quarantine requirement to be dropped for mainland visitors to Hong Kong from mid-May, subject to screening conditions; city confirms 13 new cases
  • Officials also unveil plans for bars reopening, care home visits and shorter quarantine, with Singapore ‘travel bubble’ details imminent

Key points:

– Social-distancing measures at restaurants will be relaxed in phased, conditional approach, extending dine-in services as late 2am and allowing maximum of 12 to a table

– “Return2HK” scheme will be expanded to cover the rest of mainland China in late April, exemptions also offered from mid-May to non-Hong Kong residents crossing the border into the city

– Bars and pubs can reopen at limited capacity when all staff and customers have received first vaccine dose, further easing if both shots taken

– Fully inoculated people can visit care homes after passing rapid virus test

– Authorities looking to cut quarantine stays for fully vaccinated arrivals from lower-risk countries, possibly to under seven days for some

– Flight ban for Britain will be removed in May, but arrivals to Hong Kong still required to quarantine for 21 days

– All airlines on a route to be banned if one is found to bring passengers to the city who test positive for a mutant Covid-19 strain

Hongkongers who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 will be allowed to dine out in bigger groups and enjoy other easing social-distancing measures as well as become eligible for limited travel under “vaccination bubble” incentives offered by the government to boost the city’s inoculation rate.

Extracted from South China Morning Post 13/4/2021

2021-04-03: Happy Easter Holiday

April 3, 2021

“Happy Easter..

May the renewal of life

At Easter bring new

Blessings of love, hope,

Peace, good health &

Happiness to you and

Your loved ones..

Embrace the renewal of life.” –Babz

2021-03-18: Springtime of life

March 18, 2021

Spring is the season when everything is revived, and all flowers bloom. Spring is the warm season. Spring is the most beautiful season.

2021-03-10 :Ching Ming Festival 2021 Traffic Notices

March 10, 2021

Transport Department Notice

Special Traffic and Transport Arrangements in Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun for
Ching Ming Festival 2021

        Notice is hereby given that the following special traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented in Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun during the Ching Ming Festival in 2021: 

(A)       Road Closure

The section of Nim Wan Road between Yung Long Road and the access road to Tsang Tsui Columbarium will be designated as closed road from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm daily on 20, 21, 27 and 28 March, 2 – 6, 10, 11, 17 and 18 April 2021.  Except for the following vehicles, all other vehicles and pedestrians will be prohibited from entering the above road section:

  •  Emergency vehicles;
  •  Franchised buses;
  •  Taxis;
  •  Vehicles heading for West New Territories Landfill and T ▪ PARK;
  •  Vehicles with permits issued by the Commissioner for Transport; and
  •  Vehicles permitted by the Police on site. 

(B)       Public Transport Arrangements 

KMB will operate a special service Route No. 56S between Tuen Mun Station and Tsang Tsui on 20, 21, 27 and 28 March, 2 – 6, 10, 11, 17 and 18 April 2021.  The operating hours are as follows: 

Route No. 56S 

From Tuen Mun StationFrom Tsang Tsui
From 7.30 am to 5.00 pmFrom 8.45 am to 7.00 pm

Grave sweepers heading for Tsang Tsui Columbarium are advised to check the bus service headway through KMB’s website or mobile application. 

Motorists are not allowed to let vehicles (except franchised buses or vehicles approved by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department) stand or wait on the passages inside Tsang Tsui Columbarium.

 (C)       Attention and Appeal 

        Members of the public are advised that during the Festival, congestion may take place on the roads leading to Tsang Tsui Columbarium, namely Lung Mun Road and Lung Kwu Tan Road.  Any vehicles found illegally parked on these roads might be towed away by the Police without prior notice.  Motorists should exercise tolerance and patience.  Police officers will be on-site to guide motorists, road closures, traffic control and public transport diversions will be made at the time depending on conditions in the area.  The public transport operator will display notices to advise passengers of the above temporary arrangements. 

        Grave sweepers are advised that walking or driving to Tsang Tsui Columbarium are not allowed, and they have to take KMB special route no. 56S or taxi to/from Tsang Tsui Columbarium.  They may also consider heading for Tsang Tsui Columbarium early or on other days outside the road closure period.  Other than the above-mentioned road closure period, grave sweepers heading for Tsang Tsui Columbarium using private cars should also observe the opening hours of the Columbarium.  The opening hours can be found at the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s website: https://www.fehd.gov.hk/english/cc/introduction.html 

        Members of the public may enquire 1823 Call Centre, browse Transport Department’s website www.td.gov.hk or HKeMobility mobile application for more details about the latest special traffic and transport arrangements.

 LAW Shuk-pui, Rosanna Commissioner for Transport

2021-02-26: Happy Lunar New Year 2021 Sayings By BusPro Bus Rental Hong Kong

February 26, 2021

Are you looking for Happy New Year 2021 Sayings to wish Happy Lunar New Year 2021 Sayings in Advance to your friends? So, here is a lovely collection of Happy New Year 2021 Sayings to wish your close once advance Happy Lunar New year 2021.

-It’s time to decorate your life with the color that this new year has brought for you. May your life shine brighter than a thousand lighting stars. Happy Lunar New Year…

-A new year is unfolding — like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.

Lunar New Year is a time to celebrate past accomplishments and look forward to future success. Have a wonderful, prosperous New Year! You Are A Precious Gift From God Brother. I Wish To Offer My Happy Lunar New Year Wishes To You. May You Always Shine In Our Family, May You Be A Source Of Blessings To Our Family This Year, Happy Lunar New Year 2021!!

kung hei fat choi

2021-01-09: Vaccination centers set up in 18 districts of Hong Kong. Vaccination plans to start next month.

January 9, 2021

BusPro bus Rental Company: Reprinted from Sky-Post

The first 2 million doses of vaccines from Fosun BioNTech and Kexing are expected to arrive in Hong Kong as soon as next month. Based on 2 doses per person, it can be used by 1 million people. The government plans to set up at least one community vaccination center in 18 districts. It also plans to send outbound injection teams to serve the elderly. The authorities will meet with medical groups today or discuss inviting private doctors to participate in the vaccination plan. The Medical Association expects 1,000 private doctors to assist in vaccination.

CoVid19 Vaccine
CoVid19 Vaccine

Zeng Haohui, a member of the government vaccination plan task force, said that Fosun BioNTech and Kexing vaccine each have 1 million doses and are expected to arrive in Hong Kong early or before next month, and the preparations are expected to be completed by the end of this month. As for AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, it is expected Arrive in Hong Kong between June and July.

Xu Deyi, deputy director of the Food and Health Bureau, pointed out that all three vaccines have their own characteristics. Among them, Fosun BioNTech requires a higher specification. The government believes that the injection at the vaccination center can be centralized to avoid confusion. Zeng Haohui said that the government intends to implement it in community vaccination centers, private hospitals and homes for the elderly. It hopes to set up at least one community vaccination center in all 18 districts, and the arrangements are complicated, including crowd control, medical staff, refrigerators, and backup power sources. , First aid facilities, etc., or arrange outreach injection teams to serve the elderly.

The Food and Health Bureau has a meeting with medical groups today

The Phase 3 clinical report of Kexing Vaccine will be released soon. Zeng Haohui said that the expert group will meet later to study the safety, effectiveness and quality of the introduced vaccine. After considering all scientific data, it will recommend to the government which vaccine is available Emergency use. As for how long the two doses should be vaccinated, it has been pointed out that Fosun BioNTech recommends 3 weeks apart, while Kexing recommends about 4 weeks apart. As for overseas claims that the second dose can be postponed, he said that because of the serious epidemic in foreign countries, he hopes that the first dose can be given to more people, and the second dose depends on the supply. The situation may not be in line with Hong Kong.

The Food and Health Bureau will meet with a number of medical organizations today. The President of the Medical Association, Cai Jian, pointed out that about 1,000 private doctors in Hong Kong can assist in vaccination and urge the authorities to provide a leaflet clearly explaining the side effects of the vaccine and the responsibilities of doctors. Yang Chaofa, president of the Western Medicine Union, asked the government to include a doctor’s exemption clause in the vaccination consent form.

2021-01-03- Happy New Year By BusPro Bus Rental Co Hong Kong

January 3, 2021

Happy New Year Happy 2021, towards happiness!

bus rental hong kong
bus rental hong kong

It’s time for everyone to share congratulations on the New Year of the Ox and auspicious words for the New Year. Remember to send a blessing message during the Spring Festival to wish your friends good health and a happy New Year. It seems that the epidemic will be end soon, and we cannot be careless. I hope everyone will have the spirit of an iron cow and maintain a strong body.