2023-10-06: Happy Halloween

“Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure this October with Hong Kong BusPro Tour Bus Company! This October, we’re adding a touch of terror and excitement to your itinerary. Our buses will transform into haunted houses, offering you an unprecedented Halloween experience.
During this journey, you’ll traverse Hong Kong’s most mysterious locations, explore ghost stories and legends, and even have the chance to encounter real spirits. Our expert guides will lead you to delve deep into the history and eerie tales of each place, immersing you in the true essence of Halloween.
In addition, we’ll provide delicious Halloween-themed food and candy, along with stunning Halloween decorations to set the festive atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this incredible Halloween adventure; book our bus tours and let us take you into the haunting world of Halloween!
At Hong Kong BusPro Tour Bus Company, we are dedicated to offering you unique travel experiences, whether it’s during the holidays or on regular days. Join us in celebrating this thrilling Halloween!”

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